Data Literacy - Module 2: Undertaking research (eLearning)

<h2 id="course-description">Course Description</h2> <hr /> <p>**Suitable for APS1-EL2 employees who are not data specialists. **</p> <hr /> <h3 id="program-overview">Program overview</h3> <p>This module will help participants apply effective research skills and techniques. it covers framing research questions, locating and evaluating information and forming conclusions.</p> <h3 id="participant-benefits">Participant benefits</h3> <p>On completion of this module, participants will be able or better able to:</p> <ul> <li>describe and undertake an effective research process</li> <li>frame an effective research question</li> <li>identify and critically assess evidence</li> <li>manage competing or contradictory ideas and information.</li> </ul> <h3 id="duration">Duration</h3> <p>This module will take approximately 1 hour to complete.</p> <hr /> <h5 id="this-program-aligns-with-the-strategy-policy-and-evaluation-craft-at-the-foundation-level">This program aligns with the Strategy, Policy and Evaluation Craft at the Foundation Level.</h5> <p>Strategy, Policy &amp; Evaluation is planning and analysing situations and challenges, to develop and deliver excellent advice to government. To find out more about the Strategy, Policy &amp; Evaluation Craft visit the <a href="" target="_blank">APS Academy Website</a></p>

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