Leading in a Digital Age

<h4 id="this-course-will-be-facilitated-in-an-online-classroom">This course will be facilitated in an online classroom.</h4> <p>Further instruction about online classrooms will be provided after registration and closer to the course delivery date.</p> <hr /> <h5 id="suitable-for-all-senior-executive-officers-and-executive-level-2-including-acting-at-level">Suitable for: All Senior Executive Officers and Executive Level 2 (including acting at level)</h5> <hr /> <h4 id="course-overview">Course overview</h4> <p>This course supports SES and EL2 participants to recognise the challenges and opportunities of leading in the digital age to meet the expectations of citizens, business and other users of government services.</p> <h4 id="participant-benefits">Participant benefits</h4> <p>On completion of all elements of this course you will have the skills to:</p> <ul> <li>Lead the movement for digital transformation</li> <li>Create public value through digital ways of working</li> <li>Create the environment for successful digital transformation</li> <li>Recognise the why, how and where to apply agile ways of working in their agency</li> <li>Mobilise the workforce to deliver digital transformation and change</li> <li>Recognise where and how to prioritise effort to create a roadmap for a digital future.</li> </ul> <h4 id="requirements">Requirements</h4> <p>Nine sessions across 2-3 months consisting of</p> <ul> <li>Digital Leadership Mindset Assessment and Debrief via phone</li> <li>Two 3.5 hour sessions</li> <li>Six 1.5 hour sessions</li> <li>One 60 minute session</li> </ul> <p>For any additional details about this course please email <strong>leadership@apsc.gov.au</strong></p>

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