SFIA - Skills Framework for the Information Age

<h3 id="course-overview">Course Overview</h3> <p>The aim of the program is to educate staff in the Australian Public Service (APS) about the SFIA framework and how agencies can use it. The course is designed as a series of information sessions which you will see displayed on the menu. You decide which session to access, the structure is the same for each session.. You then have access to more detailed resources that you can print and take away. You can access the program as often as you like and there is no assessment.</p> <hr /> <h5 id="this-course-aligns-with-the-working-in-government-craft-at-the-foundation-level">This course aligns with the Working in Government craft at the Foundation level.</h5> <p>Working in Government is a willingness to serve and the ability to apply a deep understanding of the context in which the APS operates. To find out more about the Working in Government Craft visit the <a href="https://www.apsacademy.gov.au/" target="_blank">APS Academy Website</a></p>

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