Induction - Structure of government

<h3 id="course-overview">Course Overview</h3> <p>This course on the structure of Government and the role of Parliament gives you some background as to wy there are rules we are expected to obey, not just as a public servant but as an Australian citizen. As you will discover, the Constitution is the cornerstone of the way we live and work in Australia and shows the foresight that the leaders of Australia had in the 1890s had; to create a document which has undergone minimal changes in more than 100 years but still guides us in all we do today.</p> <h3 id="learning-outcomes"><strong>Learning Outcomes</strong></h3> <p>At the end of this course you should be able to:</p> <ul> <li>explain how the Constitution underpins our system of government</li> <li>discuss the reasons Parliament can be dissolved</li> <li>recall the reasons Parliament can be dissolved.</li> </ul> <hr /> <h5 id="this-program-aligns-with-the-working-in-government-craft-at-the-foundation-level">This program aligns with the Working in Government Craft at the Foundation Level.</h5> <p>Working in Government is a willingness to serve and the ability to apply a deep understanding of the context in which the APS operates. To find out more about the Working in Government Craft visit the <a href="" target="_blank">APS Academy Website</a></p>

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